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I have been using the Ethique Face Saving Serum since February.  I was a Dermalogica Clear Start user for decades so I was a little worried about what was going to happen to my skin when I moved away from my cleanse, tone, and moisturise routine.  Turns out, my skin was very happy with the change.  There are three little bars that come in the box.  I keep mine on a soap dish beside my bathroom sink and rub it on after my shower.  I really like the way my skin feels after it goes one and I’ve noticed that unless I do some sweaty exercise, I don’t get oily at the end of the day like I used to.  

Lindsey put together this list of price and company comparisons for some other options that you might want to look into.  I’m pretty set with sticking with Ethique and I’ll report back on how the Ethique options go when they get here.  

wdt_ID Product Price Ounces Price Per Ounce Other Notes Where to buy
6 Activist - Precious Oils $64.00 1oz $64/oz Vegan, woman owned, occasionally has “misfit” products at a cheap price.
7 Ethique $30.00 2.29oz $13.10/oz Bar moisturizer. Compostable packaging, carbon neutral, lots of great partnerships, woman owned business, just a great company all around..
8 Plaine Products $22.00 2.5oz $8.80/oz Vegan. Send the empty bottle (metal) back to them for them to reuse. Can also subscribe at plaine products and get reduced pricing $19.80
9 Jojoba Oil $10.00 4oz $2.50/oz Can purchase on Amazon for $10 in a glass bottle.

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