Decisions, decisions, decisions

Right now we are facing a time in our lives where we have a lot of decisions to make.  They range from should we keep, sell or donate this item to what kind of visa process should I submit to what kind of job should I pursue (when I can work) in the US.

It is draining, it is resulting in decision fatigue and inaction.

Decision fatigue is caused by having to make a lot of decisions and can result in a deterioration of the quality of the decisions you are making.

After contemplating this problem I’ve come to the conclusion that I believe a large amount of the brain power and space all these decisions are taking up is because;

  • I am spending too much time mulling over the small decisions – things like; how much should I sell this for – instead of just making the decision and moving on
  • I am trying to make big decisions on things that I don’t have enough information about – budgets for big ticket items, how long we can travel for on our savings before we have to find jobs
  • I’m trying to do everything by consensus with Eliot.

So what to do about all that?  (Another decision!)

  • Agree on basic principles: Sell everything, we want less stuff in our lives
  • Check in with Eliot as to whether decisions require consultation – anything else, just do it and know that we may not agree but it’s better to move forward
  • Prioritise the big stuff – figure out how much money we will have and how long it will last

Once a decision has been made and the action is set, let it go and move forward…

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