Pie of Life

Are you feeling pulled in a million different directions? You know you want to make some positive changes but can't seem to focus or make progress on any one thing...

Maybe you start your day with all the best intentions to be more organized, more present, more “balanced”, but you get derailed by 9:15 am, resulting in chocolate, a missed run, or yelling at the kids.  


If this sounds familiar, then it’s time for you to take the ‘Pie of Life’ assessment, and hone your efforts.  

Assessment & Review | $89

How it works: Complete the ‘Pie of Life’ assessment, which will land in your inbox after signing up, book in a 45 minute session with me to work through the results and at the end you will have:

Clarity on where you should be focusing your efforts to make real impacts
A set of tools to help you make lasting habit changes
A list of achievable actions to get you started toward the life you want

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