Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue. I used to hear this a lot when I was a kid, apparently, I wasn’t very good at it. Patience is

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Eat Intuitively

Hands up if you have ever been on a diet.  I have; a ton of them.  Hands up if you think about eating in terms

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Healing Touch

Relationships are key to stress management.  Sure, they can definitely cause you stress and in a previous article, I spoke about being a little more

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Strangely, when I started researching the first pillar from Dr. Rangan Chattergee’s book, The Stress Solution, I found that whilst the book discusses Purpose, his

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What is stress? It is a state of being that, from an evolutionary perspective, our body goes into to allow us to elude a prehistoric

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Who has control?

In the past, I’ve often called myself a bit of a control freak.  When I lived on my own, it was much more apparent.  I

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