About Me

I grew up in northern New Zealand, graduated from high school, and moved to Australia at age 18 where I began working and completed my bachelors degree. 

After Eliot & I married in 2014, I became a mother 2015. Before I became a mum, I had a very clear sense of who I was. My career was strong, I was climbing the corporate ladder, I had a large array of interests, including ultramarathon running, multi-day adventure races, travelling the globe, and being a well-rounded human. When Grace arrived, my whole world changed.  My priorities became very different, as they should. Initially I struggled with who I was, how I identified myself but worked hard to figure out ways to be true to myself, and be a great mum and partner.  I started sharing some of these ideas with my friends and co-workers and saw the value they were getting from these conversations.  As my interest in my 20+ year career in large corporations was waning, I pursued qualifications to become a coach to help women, like me, get back their sense of self, and find some calm in the whirlwind of family life. 

Eliot, Grace (3), Monty (1), and I relocated from big city Melbourne, Australia to a small mountain town in the Rockies called Crested Butte, CO in 2018, to pursue a life-style change proving dreams don’t come true, decisions do.  

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