My Coaching Path

In no particular order, I’m a mother of two, wife, runner, potter, minimalist, environmentalist and I am sure there are many other labels that I can add.  None of these things actually define who I am though.

In 2010 I found myself at a cross roads in my career.  I was in a job that was easy, I was being paid well but lacked any drive or motivation to advance.  I was too comfortable.  A friend suggested I meet with a life coach friend of hers and I spent the next couple of months working with Sam Patterson to figure out what I wanted next.  We covered lots of different aspects of my life, career, travel, sporting goals, study.  I developed a vision board and systematically went through and ticked them all off.  Coaching worked, for me.  During the process, being a coach came out as one of my possible career choices but I wasn’t ready for that yet.

Fast forward to 2018, a husband and two kids later and I was sitting in a career development training session through work and came to the realization that I wanted a change, I wasn’t being fulfilled working with spreadsheets and building computer systems and processes anymore.  I wanted to help people to achieve their goals just like Sam helped me.  I was ready.  I’d also realized that I was passionate about helping women, particularly new mothers, navigate their new lives and discover their new identities.  So now I can add coach to the list above.

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