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I belong to a small Facebook group filled with other parents that are trying to do our best as parents and for the earth.  One of the members of that group started sharing the comparison charts she’d been doing on all the different products that are out there that are plastic-free, using more sustainable ingredients, and all the good stuff.  She inspired me to do my own comparison of laundry detergents and now we are collaborating on bringing you the results of our research.  We are by no means experts in this arena, we are two mums/moms that are trying to find good products for us, our families and the environment, without killing our budgets.  Here is the first comparison chart from Lindsey.  

 BluelandCleancultEthiqueDr Bronners Bar Soap
TypeFoaming Refill Packs
Liquid Refill CartonsConcentrated BarBar Soap
Price$6, $11, $14$9.99$8.50$4.69
Quantity3, 6, 91 Carton1 Concentrated Bar1 Bar
Ounces9oz per refill32oz12oz5oz
Total Ounces27oz(3pk), 54(6pk), 81(9pk)32oz12oz5oz
Price per Ounce$0.22 (3pk), $0.20 (6pk), $0.17 (9pk)$0.31$0.70$0.93
Other NotesCan use any foaming bottle, takes ~45min to dissolve. Compostible packaging, great ingredient list, Cradle to Cradle Certified. Woman of color owned businessCan use any soap dispenser. Comes in a milk carton-type container. Free recycle program if your area doesn’t recycle milk cartons. Sold locally at CVS Comes in a bar that you break apart, pour hot water over and stir until dissolved. Compostable packaging, carbon neutral, lots of great partnerships, woman (kiwi) owned business. Just a great company all around Can purchase from multiple places. Bar soap is zero waste. Company treats employees fairly and uses sustainable ingredients.
Where to BuyBlueland RefillsCleancult hand soapEthique hand washDr Bronner’s hand soap
EWG RatingB – Low concernThis product not rated. Two of the other Cleancult products are and they rate between a B-C (Low – Moderate concern)This product not rated – many of the other bars from Ethique are and they score between a 1-3 (Low hazard)1 – Low hazard

From Lindsey: Now, I know there’s a LOT more options out there.  I took the brands I’m most familiar with and then I tried to find a brand that’s easily accessible.  Let me know if you would like me to add other brands!  The goal I have for these comparison charts is to find a plastic free option that’s affordable.  I did, however, try to find as much information about the company as I could. Some of these are GREAT companies that I would be willing to pay a little extra to support them. Let me know if this helps and if you would like me to post more!
ETA: I also was looking for refills that I could use with my current hand soap dispensers to get more use out of them. But I like I mentioned before, there are a ton of options out there.

From Leigh:  We have been using Dr Bronner’s liquid soap in foaming pumps for the last few years but it comes in giant plastic bottles.  I’m excited to try my first Blueland shipment which is on the way!  We use Classico spaghetti jars with these pumps as our soap dispensers.  I think the foaming stuff works the best for the little kids!

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