Saying goodbye

The past couple of months have been full of farewells. Farewell drinks, farewell bbqs, farewell speeches, farewell to people and places. There have been a few tears and lots of hugs. I lived in Melbourne for over 20 years so it’s not surprising that I’m sad.

There have been a few moments that have brought me to tears. One in particular was when we were presented with a photo book of memories that had been put together by our friends as a surprise. It contained photos from years ago that were before digital cameras and photos from more recent times with both Grace and Monty. I sobbed and laughed looking through it. It’s not surprising that this heartfelt gift made me cry, it reminded me of all the amazing people I’ve met and adventures I’ve had.

It is difficult to close a chapter of your life like this but I keep reminding myself that those people are not gone and the adventures are not over. What I hope is that some of those that we have said farewell to will be able to join us on new adventures in our new home. And if that does not happen, then maybe one day our paths will cross again.

At times like these, it can be challenging not to compare the way things are to the way things were and wish for the known. Times of change put you outside your comfort zone. Being in that place that is uncomfortable is where you grow. I’ve already started seeing changes in the kids with their resilience and ability to adapt to change in climates, routines and a constant flow of new people. I only hope I am growing and adapting as well as they are.

So farewell all my beautiful friends and family. I hope we will see you soon and if not know that all our adventures together have made me who I am today. Time for us all to step outside our comfort zones and do something that makes us grow.

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