Where do you find the time?

I often get asked “where do I find the time to..?” This usually happens when I’m talking to a friend about something crafty I’m making or when I mention that I’m training for an ultra run. The funny thing is that I don’t have any more time in my day than anyone else. I probably get just as much sleep as most parents too, maybe a little bit more even.

My secret is priorities. If there is something that is a priority to you, then you can find the time and take it. It may take some negotiating, it may take some sacrifices but you can find ways to make it work.

Sometimes we feel guilty about prioritising our own wants above those of our families or work. The idea to grasp in this case is that so long as your wants have a positive impact, they will make you a better version of yourself which in turn can make you a better parent/partner/employee. So let go of the guilt. There are enough things going on in the world to make you feel bad, don’t pile it on and know that the impact of taking time out can be positive for everyone around you.

Practically speaking, Eliot and I talk about what our priorities are regularly but we also have a cycle planner.  The most common one we talk about is the weekly cycle but we also cover off monthly and yearly cycles in a “family meeting”.  This is when big events or goals get discussed, like races or holidays.

Sample Schedule

Sample Daily schedule

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